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Bollywood Saree

A saree is a female garment consisting of a drape varying from nearly 5 to 9 yards that is 4 meters to 9 metres in length and two to four feet in breadth tied around waist along with one end wear over the shoulder. Among all the styles of saree draping, the most common one is Nivi style, founded in Andhra Pradesh. Saree is usually draped over petticoat for a better look along with a fitted garment named ‘blouse’. The saree is basically a symbol of grace and elegance; the word is found in the Sanskrit language which means a strip of cloth. Handwoven (manpower) is obviously more expensive compared to machinery work and are most preferable for wearing in a wedding or occasion. Civilisation allowed us to change the way sarees were drape earlier, now they are also featuring as Bollywood sarees.

The sarees are back in vogue now with a pinch of twist in its appearance. They always own a unique and ravishing aura. Half and half sarees are a big alert in 2017, of course, these are sure-shot winners. Our designer saree collection surely fulfils your requirements whether it is party wear or daily life. No one needs to visit from shop to shop for a saree, just visit our site and get all you wanted. Shop here for designer sarees at the most pocket-friendly prices that perfectly suit your requirement and trend as well. Sarees have a vast history in itself and here are the popular types of same:

Cotton sarees: These are the most preferred ones suitable for humid tropical climate as they keep the body cool throughout the summer season. Further, they are classified into Jamdani(Uttar Pradesh), Gadwal(West India), Kota(City of Kota), Sambalpur(Orissa) and Venkatpuri(Andhra Pradesh).

Silk sarees: This is one of the most expensive fabrics which make them really of a high range. They have a vast number of varieties depending upon weaving style and are already available on The different types of Silk sarees are Banarasi, Kanchipuram, Bandhani and Pashmina silk shown in Bollwood too.

Georgette sarees: They are the commonest one among those who are new to the world of sarees as these are quite comfortable in draping compared to other ones. Its fabric is a mixture of Nylon and Polyester. This stuff is further divided into 3 type’s only- Plain georgette, embroidered and printed georgette sarees.

Chiffon sarees: The meaning of this word is Cloth and its rich buttery look makes it an optimal option for every occasion. Nowadays this fibre is used very commonly all over the market.

Velvet sarees: This is absolutely a perfect choice to blend in sarees for a luxurious look; fabric itself is very costly but shows the true reflection of royalty for sure.

Lehenga sarees: Firstly introduced in Indian fashion market by leading designer, Manish Malhotra these lehenga sarees brings out a revolution in saree drape by providing the plates already stitched and ready-to-use. This is a major change in the history of sarees as it saves a lot of time that persons used to spend in tying plates.

 Browse our  Bollwood sarees section to get these ones directly in your apparels. We offer a wide range of sarees for every occasion to make every girl feels like a celebrity herself.